Procedure for Creating, Modifying, Deleting Courses & Programs

    1. Review the COSCC Best Practices Timelines [currently under revision, contact Jennifer with questions].
    2. Complete the appropriate Course Approval Form or Program Approval Form in Microsoft Word. To avoid having an item’s vote postponed to a later month, please carefully fill out the form and clearly state its rationale.
    3. By the date specified for the COSCC meeting, email the Microsoft Word document to the COSCC.
    4. Obtain the “Department Approval” signature on the form. If the course or program will impact any other academic units, obtain their “Unit Approver’s Signature”, also.
    5. The signed forms should be delivered to the COSCC at MS 6A3 prior to the meeting in which they will be voted on.
      • If approved by the COSCC and the associate dean for academic affairs, “College/School Approval” will be obtained. Approved undergraduate forms will then be forwarded to the Undergraduate Council and approved graduate forms will continue on to the Graduate Council.

Procedure for Modifying Select Course Items

If the department desires to change only:

  • The “When Offered” section in the course’s catalog entry

The department’s COSCC representative or the department chair can simply email us in order to process the modification (a Course Approval Form is not necessary). Please note that any other kind of course modification must follow the first procedure listed above.

Procedure for Hard-coding Prerequisites

  1. Complete the Prerequisite Checking Request form, ensuring that the parameters listed match the course’s Course Approval Form.
  2. Obtain the “Department Chair/Program Director” signature on the form.
  3. The signed form should be delivered to the Office of Academic Affairs at MS 6A3. While it does not require COSCC approval, the form will be double checked for accuracy before being routed to the Office of the University Registrar.

We’re here to help! Any questions can be directed here.

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