Background on Micro-Credentials at Mason

Micro-credentials offer shorter and faster markers of critical skill acquisition, which helps our students and learners better align their educational needs with dramatically changing labor markets, without diminishing the breadth, quality and rigor of a Mason degree” (Source). As of October 2020, micro-credentials are primarily in the form of digital badges.

The approval of micro-credentials will be handled in a similar fashion to the college’s standard curricular offerings, starting with the department, however, the COS Curriculum Committee (COSCC) is the final level of approval for micro-credentials that will involve credit-bearing courses. After receiving COSCC approval, the micro-credential will continue to Office of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) for implementation.

Initiating, Modifying, or Inactivating Micro-Credentials

Please review the College of Science Micro-Credential Policy and Processes for details.

After carefully reviewing the policy document, please complete the Micro-Credential Notification or Approval Form.


Feel free to reach out to Jennifer Bazaz Gettys.

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