December 10, 2021- Agenda & Minutes

Time:  10:00am
Location: Zoom invite sent to committee members. If anyone else would like to attend, please email Jen for details.
Items to be considered on this agenda are due by 11/5/2021

When available, the meeting minutes will be indicated within bold brackets [ ] and are in draft form until they are approved by the committee.

Relevant Links: Undergraduate Council Meeting Minutes/ Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order [10:08 AM]

II. Approval of the November 19, 2021 Meeting Minutes [Approved]

III. Announcements/Discussion

IV. Old Business

V. New Business – Undergraduate

Modified Courses

  • NEUR 327: Cellular, Neurophysiological, and Pharmacological Neuroscience [Approved. Jen will contact the Undergraduate Council to shorten the title of NEUR 328 before it is brought for a vote. The title is currently Cellular, Neurophysiological, and Pharmacological Neuroscience Lab.]

Modified Programs

VI. New Business – Graduate

Modified Programs


VII. Adjournment [11:00AM. Thanks to everyone for their invaluable service on the committee this semester!]