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Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Padmanabhan (Padhu) Seshaiyer
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
STEM Accelerator
Office: Exploratory Hall 1454
Phone: 703-993-9787


Besides teaching, STEM Accelerator faculty have special responsibilities, including coordinating and promoting STEM activities for the College of Science, which help achieve the four primary goals of the STEM accelerator.

Tina Bell
Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Biology
Research interests: Biology education
Office: 1402 Exploratory Hall
Phone: 703-993-3105

Ben DreyfusBen Dreyfus, Ph.D., Physics
Associate Professor, Learning Assistant Program Coordinator
Department: Department of Physics and Astronomy
Research interests: Physics education research
Office: 1406 Exploratory Hall
Phone: 703-993-1287

Rebecca Jones, Ph.D., Chemistry and BiochemistryRebecca Jones
Associate Professor
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Research interests: Chemistry education, undergraduate research, mentoring
Office: 319 Planetary Hall
Phone: 703-993-1084

Kelly KnightKelly Knight, Ph.D., Forensic Science
Assistant Professor, STEM Outreach Coordinator
Department: Forensic Science Program
Office: 3420 Exploratory Hall
Hours: By appointment
Phone: 703-993-5478
Mary Nelson, Ph.D., MathematicsMary Nelson
Associate Professor
Department: Mathematics
Office: 1405 Exploratory Hall
Phone: 703-993-1492
Julia Nord, Ph.D., Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth SciencesJulia Nord
Department: Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences
Primary Research: Mineralogy
Office: 3453 Exploratory Hall
Phone: 703-993-3395
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