FOCUS 2019 Closing Ceremony

Today’s closing ceremony marked the end of another successful two week long event of the College of Science and STEM Accelerator’s FOCUS (Female of Color Underrepresented in STEM) Camp. After days of being inspired through the participation of many scientific activities, our girls ended on a high note through poster presentations to their parents on polaroid light, arthropods, tornadoes, 3D printing and other topics in STEM. In addition, there were group powerpoint presentations praising various famous women in the field of science for their achievements and struggles in the field. Awards were handed out as well as some surprise gummies to our amazing FOCUS counselors by the junior counselors!

The closing ceremony was also honored by the presence of Sasha A. Alston (@thestemqueen) who authored the acclaimed children’s novel, “Sasha Loves to Code”.

Thank you everyone from our faculty to the parents and participants for making FOCUS fantastic every year!