COS Undergraduate Colloquium 2017

As the spring 2017 semester comes to a close, undergraduates reflected and presented their research at the annual College of Science colloquium on April 27th. This year involved 47 projects divided into three categories: Life Science, Physical Science, and STEM education. The event began with presentations and faculty judging followed by two keynote speakers, Lynn Bonomo and Ryan Pfeifle, who spoke about “Pollen Diversity and Disease Suscpibility in Common Eastern US Bumblebees” and “Finding Supermassive Black Holes in Low Mass Galaxies”, respectively. Dr. Peggy Agouris and Dr. Ali Analibi were also present to conclude the event with Poster Awards. This year’s 1st Place Overall Award went to Marissa Howard, Sameen Yusuf, Sara Sharif, and Rohit Madhu for their project, “Application of Hdrogel Nanoparticles for a Rapid Latent Tuberculosis Diagnostic Test”.


Special thanks to all the students and faculty who attended, the staff who helped set up the event, and Dr. Rebecca Jones who was the chief coordinator and organizer!