College of Science Celebrates 8th Undergraduate Research Colloquium

On April 26th, 2018, the George Mason University Center for the Arts played host to emerging scientists who showcased their research projects to faculty, judges, and fellow students. The lobby was a bustle of activity with over 40 posters displayed corresponding to a wide array of topics that encompassed subjects of geological, life, and physical science as well as STEM education.

The winners of this year’s were:

  • Undergraduate Research Dean’s Award: Acetaminophen and the Extracellular Matrix in idiopathic Pumonary Fibrosis (Luc Tran, Sarah Bui, Luis Rodriguez, SD Nathan, Geraldine Grant)
  • Best Earth Sciences Project: The Evolution of Respiratory Systems in Theropoda and Paracrocodylomorpha and the end-Triassic Extinction 200 Million Years Ago (Michael Naylor Hudgins, Mark D. Uhen, Linda A. Hinnov)
  • Best Life Sciences Project: A Survey of Gut Pathogens Across Queens of Eastern US Bumblebee Species (Mitra Kashani, Rebecca E. Forkner, Haw Chuan Lim, Masoumeh Sikaroodi, Celia Vuocolo, Patrick M. Gillevet)
  • Best Physical Sciences Project: Arithmetic Orbits on Finite Field Points of Character Varieties (Marvin Castellon, Seth Lee, Cigole Thomas)
  • Best STEM Education Project: Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer Applications for the College of Science at George Mason University; Opportunities and Teacher Education, Undergraduate Laboratories, and Forensic Science Investigation (Elizabeth R. Nolan, Kimberly Rule, Elisabeth Martinez, Katie Olsen, Valeriya Pak, Selen Oztunaoglu, J. Reid Schwebach)
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Prognostic Noninvasive Diagnostic Biomarker Investigation of Peripheral Blood in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (R. Beushel, L. Rodriguez, N. Diawara, S.D. Nathan, G. Grant)
    • Analysis of Clozapine Effects on Early Development Using Zebrafish Model (LuisĀ  Francia, Viljay Iyer, Laura Saleh)
    • Search for Trace Gases in Martian Atmosphere with Observations from MAVEN (Mario Autore, Erdal Yigit)
    • Investigation of Chemical Metasomatism of a Blue Ridge Charnokite (Rebecca Schmidt, Julia Nord)
    • Insights to Support Rural Virginia Students Starting College as STEM Majors (Robin Gordon, Maiah Wright J. Reid Schwebach, Rebecca M. Jones, Mary Emenike, Rachel Cleaver)
  • Students’ Choice Award: HIV Hack – Creating an Educational Game Regarding the Complexities of the HIV Life Cycle (Elizabeth Ankrah, Danielle Wallace, Moonisha Rahman, Katie Olson, An. T. Hoang, Robert O. Dieterich, J. Reid Schwebach)

Congratulation to our winners as well as all who shared and presented their projects!