Aspiring K-8 Scientists Present Projects at GMU

On April 19th, high school students from Loudon County Public Schools presented findings from their independent research projects at GMU. Undergraduates students from the College of Science showcased their work at the annual College of Science Colloquium. On Saturday May 13th, GMU in association with Pinnacle Academy hosted the 4th Annual Fairfax County K-8 Science and Engineering Fair. The K-8 Science and Engineering Fair, envisioned by the STEM Accelerator Program and Pinnacle Academy, to addresses the lack of venue for K-8 students to show their scientific efforts.

Projects from the youngest (yet, no less brilliant!) group of aspiring K-8 scientists from Fairfax County Public Schools were on display. Elementary and middle school students displayed their independent research projects with topics from water filtration techniques for third world countries to animal behavior and bacterial studies.  Special Awards were given by ECS Federal, LLC, GMU Association for Women in Mathematics, GMU Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, GMU STEAM Undergraduates for Renewable Energy, GMU STEM Accelerator Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Start Engineering and the Washington DC Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Six of the middle school awardees will enter national science and engineering competitions.