Student Opportunities

Opportunities for engagement in STEM at Mason are abundant. The Accelerator offers various student centered opportunities, such as STEM Boot Camp, the annual College of Science Undergraduate Research Colloquium, and the LA program.

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Learning Assistants

Learning Assistants (LAs) are College of Science undergraduates who participate in undergraduate instruction, course innovation, peer-to-peer tutoring and mentoring. LAs have a unique opportunities to work closely with COS faculty.

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Discipline Based Education Research

DBER is an interdisciplinary forum through which faculty interested in science education join in discussions about effective education. This collaborative group of faculty share pedagogical successes and challenges across disciplines.

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STEM Accelerator: Focus on Success

The STEM Accelerator program was created by the College of Science in 2011 with a focus on the success of undergraduate students.

In particular the program has been tasked with four major goals of:

  1. increasing the number of STEM majors,
  2. improving retention rates of STEM students,
  3. reducing their time to graduation,
  4. helping them join the STEM workforce or continue their education upon completion of their Bachelor’s degree in STEM disciplines.

This interdisciplinary unit consists of faculty members from multiple departments. These faculty have special responsibilities besides teaching that includes coordinating and promoting STEM activities for COS that help achieve the four primary goals.

Currently, the program includes faculty from Mathematical Sciences, Biology, SPACS, Forensic Sciences, AOES and Chemistry. The program also works closely with the Prince William Governor’s School @ Innovation Park high school program.

Recent Updates


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