2016-17 Executive Board

Wondering who is part of the talented team coordinating Mason Science Slam? Look no further!

President: Faysal Shaikh

Treasurer: Zheng Zhou

Events Specialist: Alexander Kourmadas

Marketing & Fundraising Specialist: Brianna Santiago

Interested in doing the rewarding work of the executive board? We are still in need of board members and assistants. Email the President via the Contact Us form for more information.

Want to be on the 2017-18 Executive Board? Make sure to attend at least one of the preliminary slams to get a feel for what you will be diving into! The board application will be released mid way through the Spring semester. All board members selected for the next year will be required to participate in volunteer roles in the Grand Slam.


Primary Advisor: Kerone Wetter, COS Deans Office Staff

Remember to use the Contact Us form to send an email to anyone in the leadership!

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