Scholarship Applicant Eligibility


Science Slam Competition selection and eligibility process

Applicants must be current students who are registered for an undergraduate or graduate program at George Mason University. In the 2018 spring competition, Mason Science Slam is accepting students from programs of study throughout the University, however, one group member must be in a program of Study offered by the College of Science or working on research with College of Science faculty.

Note: For groups with multiple presenters, each presenter must meet the basic eligibility requirement AND be part of the presentation.

Individual or group presenters who hold an executive board position for Mason Science Slam are not eligible to win prizes in the science slam competition.

Presenter Selection

Applications are reviewed on a first come, first-served basis. Applicants selected for the Prelim Rounds will be informed of their selection the decision within 1 week after the application is submitted, or 2 weeks prior to the competition date (whichever is earlier).x
  • Selected applicants will become candidates for the next scheduled Mason Science Slam Competition event.
    Note: The decision of the scientific peer-review will be on the basis of merit, not all applicants will be selected. Applicants who are not selected for the next competition event may be selected as backup presenters OR be selected as presenters for other general slams or outreach programs OR will receive suggestions and are encouraged to reapply for future competition events.
  • Optional coaching for the presentation will be provided for all applicants selected for competition events, general slams, or outreach programs. A pre-selection event may be held at a Mason Science Slam general body meeting, where applicants may be asked to present a preview minute of their proposal. (Scheduled for the fall semester only.)

Rules & Scoring

A science slam challenges young scientists to prepare a presentation of fewer than 10 minutes, about their scientific research, using any entertaining format they wish. The presenter’s objective is to illustrate current science to a non-expert audience in an entertaining format. Additionally, the presenter’s goal is to solicit the most laughter and applause from the audience, though scientific integrity/accuracy is expected and appreciated.

  1. Any presentation format is acceptable: (slides, songs, sketches, small scale experiments, etc).
    Note: Presenters conducting small live experiments must supply all materials. No fume hood will be provided and experiments must be able to be done in close proximity to the audience with no adverse effect on the environment of the room.
  2. All presentations must be kept to a maximum of 10 minutes 0 seconds.
  3. Please do not take audience questions at the end of your presentation; you may use the full 10 minutes for your presentation. Please stay after the event to answer questions about your presentation.
  4. For a pleasant experience for all attendees, Mason Science Slam won’t allow the use of hateful, offensive, profane, or vulgar language.
  5. Scoring points will be deducted if the preceding 3 items are violated.

Note: Science Slam Examples –, (in English) (in German)


Winners will be determined by a panel of judges along with audience engagement. For groups with multiple presenters, all prizes must be split equally among the group, excluding any Mason Science Slam executive board officers.

2016-17 Slammer Awards:

Prelim Rounds Grand Slam
1st Place $250 $1000
2nd Place $100 $500
3rd Place $250
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