Apply to be a Science Slam Scholar

We are thrilled that you are applying to be a Slammer – that’s what we call a Science Slam Presenter – and can’t wait to review your application!

Those who compete in the “Science Slam Competition” are applying for the “Science Slam Scholarship Award” presented by the College of Science at George Mason University. Each awardee will be a “Science Slam Scholar”.

The College of Science believes in supporting all of our students in their pursuit of scientific scholarship. Part of that pursuit reasonably includes discussing and presenting your work to laypersons as well as experts. Science Slam encourages students to participate in the community of discussion, and this competition helps to highlight some of those willing to share their research knowledge with the larger College, and Mason, community.

A Note about your Slam Details

This is not your grandfather’s abstract! For some inspiration, view Glasgow University’s Science Slam abstracts!

What is in the Application?

Part 1 = Your contact information
Part 2 = Your group members’ emails (if you have a group)
Part 3 = Your Slam details
Part 4 = Demographic information (your group members will receive a request to complete this section individually)
Part 5 = Research Advisor Reference Request* 
*Please supply an email to contact your research advisor. We’ll request an approval in the case of confidential research matter, and request a brief reference.
Part 6 = 
Co-Presenter Supplement ** 
**Only if you have group members – please ask them to submit the co-presenter application after you have submitted the initial application with your title.

Please click the appropriate apply button below to submit an application.

Please refer to the Eligibility, Selection, Rules & Prizes page if you are not sure about the requirements, or have questions. If you have questions not answered in the Rules section, please email

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