The Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center (PEREC) is one of the key components of George Mason University’s new Potomac Science Center.

PEREC focuses on Potomac River restoration and local sustainability practices, so that the local ecosystem will be healthy for years to come. We translate our research into award winning and engaging field programs for K-12 students and the larger community.


What’s in our water?

Have you been wondering what the results of the 2017 Summer Research was? Watch our video, which premiered at the VA Sea Grant Graduate Symposium, to find out what micropollutants were found in the Potomac River, and to hear about how the experience changed the undergraduate researchers.
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PEREC has led long-term research on Gunston Cove, which is now recognized as an international case study for  ecosystem recovery.

PEREC has been involved in studying and preparing plans to lower Green House Gas Emissions.


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PAID Undergraduate Research Position!

Have you been following last summer’s OSCAR research on micropollutants in the Potomac? Are you an undergrad... Read More →
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