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Support the College of Science

The College is focused on accelerating innovation through academic and co-curricular programs that foster entrepreneurial problem-solving and the conversion of data into actionable knowledge for society, industry, and government. Investigating new planets in distant star systems; applying science and technology to counter terrorism; inventing and testing new biomedical technologies; and exploring alternative possibilities for sustainable energy development – these represent a sample of the College’s trailblazing initiatives.

Support the College of Science Vision to transform the College of Science into an incubator of ideas that bring enlightenment, inform science-related policy and catalyze regional economic activity! Your contribution to the College of Science Vision Fund will help us:

  1. Create opportunities for undergraduates to participate in leading-edge research projects;
  2. Recruit and retain promising new students and faculty;
  3. Educate the next generation of science and technology leaders;
  4. Accelerate innovation;
  5. Transfer new technologies to the market;
  6. Engage our community in a dialogue that raises public awareness of issues at the intersection of science and policy.

Please consider making a contribution to the advancement of science through either the College of Science Vision Fund, your home department, or both.

For questions and more information, contact:
Audrey Kelaher
Director, Development, College of Science

Maximize the Impact of Your Gift with Employer Matching

Employer gift matching programs are a great way for Mason Alumni to maximize the impact of their personal contributions to the College of Science and George Mason University. Your contribution could be doubled, or possibly tripled, through an employer-sponsored matching gift program that matches the charitable contributions made by their employees.

Will your employer Match?

Find out if your company, a spouse’s company, or even a company you retired from, may match your gift. If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will take care of the rest!

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