Student Presentation Opportunity at MIT 2015 C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium



Student Presentation Opportunity at MIT

2015 C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium

Our clean energy future requires innovative policies, tools, and technologies to address the ongoing global issues associated with historical trends in energy use. In its report on a sustainable energy future, the National Science Foundation stated, “a sustainable energy economy values environmental and ecosystem stewardship, as well as clean, equitable, reliable, renewable, safe, secure, and economically viable energy strategies and solutions.”[i]

We invite students from all academic disciplines to bring their creativity to help shape the future of clean energy. C3E organizers are delighted to offer all young scholars an opportunity to showcase their work and experience in research, service, and/or education in the energy system.

Graduate students may apply to compete in a research poster competition. Finalists will be invited to present in person at the symposium where attendees will vote to select First, Second and Third place winners (with prizes of $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000 respectively). This competition is sponsored by Cummins Inc.

Undergraduate students may apply to present a three-minute lightning presentation at the symposium. Selected presenters will be invited to attend the full day-and-a-half symposium.
The C3E Symposium: The goal of the symposium is to provide women in clean energy with a range of perspectives, analysis, and data on clean energy challenges and opportunities. It also provides a unique forum for networking. It is our hope that it will help build a sustained national and international community of professionals dedicated to advancing the careers and goals of women in clean energy.

More information, including eligibility, requirements, and application procedures, are available at contact with any questions.