Job Opportunities @Descartes Labs

Descartes Labs‘s mission is to better understand planet Earth by analyzing massive amounts of imagery. We’ll begin this journey by understanding satellite imagery to enable real-time global awareness — whether it’s food production, energy infrastructure, the growth of cities, or our impact on the environment. Not only will we identify what’s in a single image, but we’ll also be looking at how our Earth changes over time.

They are currently hiring (main jobs page) for the following positions (headquartered in Los Alamos, NM, with an office in San Francisco):

Software Engineer – Redefine the limits of “Big Data.” Our peta-scale, cloud-based processing architecture provides daily challenges and opportunities for innovation. Your C/C++ must be very strong, along with excellent debugging and optimization skills. Pluses: parallel computing, machine learning, Google Cloud/AWS, Geographic Information Systems and GDAL.

Data Engineer – Scrappy? We collect massive amounts of data, every day, from assorted sources of varying quality. We need you to bring new sources online, monitor the pipeline, and make the output pretty. Real world knowledge of Python is a must. The spice must flow.

Web Application Developer – Build immersive web experiences and take data visualization to new limits. You’ll work with Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, modern frameworks (e.g., Django, OpenLayers, jQuery, Bootstrap). Full Stack is a huge plus.