Internship Opportunities at NGA

We typically bring in students in their junior and senior years, and they work side-by-side with other analyst and scientists.  The students receive a full clearance before starting their internship, which allows them the same levels of access and abilities as those they are working with.  Many interns are offered full-time employment after graduation, either at NGA or in another part of the community and because they were cleared as an intern, there is no delay in starting employment upon graduation.   More information on the program is found here:  Please note this is open now for 2016 (31 August – 10 Oct).

Full Time Employment.  For students in their senior year and thinking about post-graduation employment, we also have full-time positions.  To see a full list of these positions, please consult this page:  While many scientific position aren’t listed on this page today, many of your students might find some of the analyst roles (imagery or geospatial) of interest.  I also understand we are planning a few hiring events in the fall, so the students should keep their eyes open for these;  as I find out more details, I’ll make sure I send them out to you as well.

For those that aren’t familiar with NGA, I recommend reading the “About” section of our home page:  Your students can also learn about the various work roles at this link:  Most of the engineering and geospatial science students that would come to work for Analysis, where I work, are going to be interested in the GEOINT Analysts or Imagery Scientists roles.