Fall 2015 Speaker Series presents Dr. Liping Di

Title: Geoinformatics research at CSISS

Liping Di, PhD
Director, CSISS

Where: Innovation Hall, rm 215G
When: Thursday, October 29 @ 5:00 pm

The Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS), chartered by the provost in 2006, is one of university research centers aliased with the College of Science at George Mason University. CSISS currently has seventeen research faculties, eight Ph.D. students, and a number of visiting scholars. The missions of CSISS are to develop advanced geospatial information technologies and standards for automating the processes from geospatial data to information and knowledge and use the technologies and standards to solve the natural and social issues of national or global significance.

The center’s research currently is concentrated on four interconnected areas: 1) national and international standards on geographic information; 2) geospatial cyberinfrastructure technology; 3) Earth observation sensor web; and 4) cyberinfrastructure-enabled Earth system/remote sensing research.

CSISS’ research has been supported by NASA, NSF, NOAA, USGS, USDA, NGA, OGC and other national and international funding agencies. This presentation will present the results of recently finished research projects and discuss the objectives and plan for the on-going research projects at CSISS.

Fall Speaker series 2015_Liping Di