Guest Lecture – Dr. Emmanouil Anagnostou

March 12, 2019 @ 5:46 pm – 6:46 pm
Merten Hall, Room 1203

“Innovations on Power Grid Resilience at the Eversource Energy Center”


The Eversource Energy Center at the University of Connecticut is conducting research that address technological and societal challenges related to the modernization and resilience of electric grid. In this talk we will review projects pursued by Center researchers in predictive analytics for infrastructure and vegetation mapping and outage forecasting, and innovative solutions for electric reliability, forest sustainability, grid hardening and grid security including potential physical and cyber-attacks. We will discuss possible solutions considering the complex interdependencies of technology, economics and regulation.  Also considered will be the relationship between natural gas and the electric grid. Included will be a discussion of Outage Forecasting, Vegetation Management, Remote Sensing, and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) for synchronizing multiple DER technologies such as renewable power generation sources (PV, hydropower and wind), Combined Heat and Electricity (CHE) devices, pump-hydro, and battery storage. The talk will also discuss implications of the above technological solutions under alternate futures and extreme weather and security based outage events.

About Dr. Anagnostou:

Dr. Anagnostou is the Alumni Association Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Eversource Energy Endowed Chair in Environmental Engineering at the University of Connecticut. He is the founding Director of the Eversource Energy Center ( and Applied Research Director of the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation ( He holds Ph.D. and MSc degrees in Hydrometeorology from the University of Iowa (1997 and 1995, respectively) and a diploma in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (1990).

His research expertise is on remote sensing applications in water resources with focus on hydro-meteorological extremes and the synthesis of sociological and engineering methods to create people-centered solutions to the nexus problem of water, food and energy insecurities and risks. His research uses a systems-based approach that integrates earth observations, models and analytical methods across climate, hydrology, the environment and recently social sciences to reduce climate risks and promote sustainability of water and energy resources. In his capacity as Eversource Energy Center director he leads critical power grid resilience and grid modernization initiatives and through CIRCA he is leading efforts to develop a flood early warning system and improve flood risk estimates across Connecticut. He has been science team member of NASA’s Precipitation Science Mission since 2000. He was leader of a Marie Curie Excellence Team (2007-2010) funded by the European Commission to investigate application of Earth Observations in water resources, and currently coordinates a National Science Foundation multi-institutional food security project in Ethiopia ( He has supervised 17 PhD and 12 MS (thesis) students and 8 post-doctoral research associates. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Hydrology.