Seminar by Radiant Earth Foundation

November 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 10:15 am
Exploratory Hall, Room 3301

Title: Cloud solutions for Earth Observation in the era of Fat Data


Yonah Bromberg Gaber

Platform Developer Community Associate

Radiant Earth Foundation



Radiant Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking to address the massive problem of EO data. We are actively working to aggregate the world’s open Earth imagery and provide access and education on its use to the global development community. At the center of Radiant Earth Foundation is an open technology platform that will help people discover and analyze the vast resources of Earth imagery, accelerating improved decision-making and fueling new solutions, discoveries and innovations. In support of this user-driven platform, Radiant Earth Foundation offers an integrated and robust community development program to guide people in the use of imagery, geospatial data sets and tools. This includes insights into the commercial marketplace and related policies.

With so many EO satellites in orbit today, we have far more data than users can look at with their eyes. Spaceborne imagery is a prime example of “big data” and has traditionally been processed locally on machines operated by specialists. However, the cost of cloud storage and computing has fallen dramatically in recent years. This has initiated an explosion in the use of EO data by companies and a growth in startups innovating to deliver new insights about the world around us. These large volumes of EO data and the ability to process it quickly, is changing our world. The open Radiant Earth platform allows the development of EO-based applications for users without any expertise in remote sensing or geospatial technologies.

This seminar will address cloud-based EO, the technologies being developed, and practical options for doing cloud-based remote sensing.