Entry level job – Airbus

Organization: Airbus Defense and Space

Title: Optical Tasking Engineer
Location: Chantilly, VA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2015-07-28

Position Description:

Entry level position that works as part of team to coordinate optical satellite tasking requests over North and South America using custom Airbus interface. Studies and enters new tasking requests, tracks existing requests, and generates reports, maps, and support materials upon request. Geography background and French/Spanish language knowledge preferred.

Position Responsibilities:

Complete satellite tasking support:
1) Be familiar with and adhere to all satellite tasking procedures.
2) Act as a satellite tasking software expert within Airbus DS. Be prepared to train employees on programming software.
3) Coordinate with IT dept. and other GEO entities on satellite tasking software functionality.
4) Maintain tracking mechanisms to keep everyone informed on status of all satellite tasking requests.
5) Receive, study, and program all satellite tasking requests for designated territories. Use multi-satellite capacity, if relevant. Receive and coordinate international requests with Airbus DS in Toulouse. Track all PRs to make sure they are receiving attempts. Validate images, provide support in the form of reports, analysis, shape files, etc.
6) Coordinate programming and PALT slots for designated ground stations.
7) Manage relationship with Airbus DS Toulouse concerning international satellite tasking and overall satellite tasking capabilities and limitations. Make sure to include manager in overall strategy and major decisions. Actively solicit information from relevant sources on new functionalities and knowledge.
8) Travel to Toulouse to receive satellite tasking training.
9) Promote a positive relationship with external and internal clients and with Airbus DS Toulouse.
10) Occasional presentations to other Airbus DS staff and/or clients.
Provide Backup
11) Coordinate vacation schedules with other CS reps and Optical Tasking Engineers.
12) Receive requests from other customers and AMs when CS reps and Optical Tasking Engineers are out.
13) Communicate workload level with other Programmers & CS reps. Offer and ask for help when needed.

Position Requirements:

Employee must be proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. After a complete training program given by Airbus DS, employee must be proficient in all of the Airbus DS proprietary programming software. Knowledge in climatology is desired.
Must be fluent in written and spoken English. Spanish or French skills a plus.
Must be extremely organized and excellent at time management. Candidate must have excellent communications and contact relation skills.
This position does require domestic and international travel. This position also requires employee to be part of Airbus DS’s 7-day service, which requires availability on rotating weekends and some overtime. Other overtime may be requested on a case by case basis.

Please submit your cover letter and resume to jobs@astrium-geo.com.