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Admissions FAQs

What are the requirements for admission into the ABS Graduate Certificate Program?

View our admissions requirements page for the certificate program.

Do I need to take the MCAT (or GRE or any other professional exam) before I apply to the program?

No. Our program has an integrated preparatory course hosted by Kaplan to prepare students for the MCAT, DAT, and GRE.

I still need to take one more pre-med class before I have all of my requirements completed. Can I take that course while I’m in the program?

No. All pre-health program requirements must be completed, with a C or better, before acceptance into this program can be made official.

Can I still apply if my undergraduate GPA is below a 3.0?

Yes, however, please note that this program is best suited for those close to the 3.0 threshold as that shows evidence of success in the program. If you are below 3.0, we are looking for exceptional circumstances to include an evident progression in academic performance, commitment to the health professions field, etc.

What is the deadline for applying to the certificate program?

We have rolling admissions so it is advisable to apply early. The application deadline is July 15th, 2019.

How many letters of recommendation are required for the certificate program?

We ask that you request three letters of recommendation.

Do I submit official transcripts with my application?

Official transcripts should be submitted directly to:

COS Graduate Admissions Processing Center
George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MSN 6A3
Fairfax, VA 22030

All applicants whose undergraduate institution(s) have the ability to send transcripts electronically should send them to  The transcripts will not be considered official unless sent by the school.

I am not a US citizen or a US permanent resident at this time. Am I still eligible to apply to your certificate program?

We consider all applications for admission. All ABS applicants requiring F1 visas are eligible to apply. George Mason University does not guarantee that any applicant will receive an F1 visa. However, applicants must submit all required documents in a timely manner to enable the College of Science Graduate Admissions Processing Center the time necessary to process the forms to secure such a visa.

Can I call your office and explain my academic credentials in order to get a feel for whether or not I might be accepted to your program?

Applications are reviewed by a number of individuals who are part of the admissions committee.   As such, we cannot provide you with any information on the likelihood of being accepted to our program. Please remember that admission is competitive, and it is best to review the admissions criteria on our website before applying.

Certificate Program FAQs

Do you hold any information sessions for the certificate program?

Yes, information sessions are generally held during the fall and spring semesters. For more information on location and to RSVP, please visit the Open House page.

How long is the certificate program?

It is a 9 month, 20-credit certificate program covering two traditional semesters – fall and spring.

Are the certificate program courses held at George Mason University or Georgetown University?

The G2 program is located on the Manassas, Virginia SciTech campus of George Mason University. The courses are taught by faculty members from both schools. The cadaver lab component will be held at Georgetown University.

What is the tuition for the ABS Certificate Program?

View our tuition page for information specific to the ABS Certificate Program.

How many students are in the certificate program?

Enrollment is generally between 100 to 120 students per year.

Are the classes for the program held during weekdays, evenings, or weekends?

All classes are held during the day, but not on weekends.

How are classes structured?

Courses are offered in either traditional lecture format or in small group, discussion-based hybrid format. Lectures can accommodate up to 100 students and the hybrid classes can accommodate up to 25 students. All lectures are recorded and posted online for students to review. Courses in the G2 Program are similar to the framework of the first year of professional school in regards to the rigor, volume of information, test structure, etc.

What are hybrid classes?

Students in the hybrid program do not attend lectures in person, but view recordings of the lectures on their own. Typically one or two days after the lectures are given, hybrid students meet on campus in a small class setting (20-25 students) to explore the material further. Students who prefer small classes, more focused review, alternate approaches (e.g., case studies, new problem sets, individual/team-based quizzes to confirm understanding, etc.), and self-learning should seriously consider the hybrid program. You will have the option to choose which class you want to attend – lecture or hybrid – after being admitted to the program. You cannot attend both lecture and hybrid classes, as the class times overlap.

What is the purpose of the post-baccalaureate certificate program?

This program provides excellent advanced science preparation for health professions including medical, dental and other healthcare-related advanced studies. It also includes preparation for professional school entrance examinations (MCAT, DAT), and outstanding advising and support towards your professional goals.

Will I have time to hold part-time or full-time employment while enrolled in the certificate program?

There is definitely a lot of enrichment in our program to support both the classes as well as medical school applications. While it is possible to work part-time, it is strongly discouraged.

Does your certificate program have a direct linkage for admission to or interview with Georgetown University’s School of Medicine?


Where can I find more information about financial aid for this program?

Please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information about financial aid and how to apply. George Mason University school code for the financial aid application is 003749.

Do you offer on-campus housing?

Yes! New on-campus graduate housing is available at the Science and Technology Campus!  If you are interested in on-campus housing, you must apply and be accepted early. By mid-June, on-campus housing may no longer be an option. Students can also rent apartments/houses off campus.

Do the program semester dates follow the traditional schedule of semesters?

The graduate certificate program follows a traditional semester system. Courses are taken concurrently and the program begins in late August.  There is a winter break that runs from mid-December through mid-January. The program generally is completed by mid-May. For eligible students who choose to complete an MS at Georgetown University during the summer, their summer studies generally begin in the second week of June.

If I am accepted into the graduate certificate program, will I still have an opportunity to earn a master’s degree if I’m interested?

Yes!  Students who successfully complete the graduate certificate program (20 graduate credits) can apply to Georgetown University for the summer term to complete a minimum of 10 remaining graduate credits in order to earn an MS in physiology or other related fields.

Can I complete my program as a part-time student?

No. Students are expected to complete two sequential semesters (fall and spring) within a one-year period.

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