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Bachelors Degree

The Forensic Science, BS is designed to familiarize students with theoretical aspects of the field, in addition to training students in the technical and legal aspects that will prepare them to enter the interdisciplinary field of Forensic Science.

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Master’s Degree

The interdisciplinary Forensic Science, MS is designed to train students in the technical and legal aspects of the field, and it is especially relevant for the many area professionals holding positions in government and private laboratories specializing in the analytical investigation of criminal and terrorist activities. Currently four concentrations are offered in the MS program: Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Biology Analysis, Forensic Chemistry Analysis, Forensic/Biometric Identity Analysis

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The undergraduate minor provides an attractive option for students with majors in the natural sciences, engineering, criminology, or computer science, and the curriculum structure makes it particularly suitable for students with majors in biology and chemistry.

2017-18 Course Catalog

Graduate Certificate

The Forensic Science Graduate Certificate is offered to meet the growing needs for trained specialists in that area of forensic science.
The 2017-2018 Course Catalog with curriculum and course descriptions can be found here

2017-18 Course Catalog

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