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    Please select your top 3 committees of choice in order of preference. Committees will be limited to 6 core members. Our intent is for minutes and action items to be available to all who have an interest in these areas.

    No committee requires pre-requisite technical skill in creating a website.

    Committees include
    1. 1. User Interface
      We'll audit designs from other institutions and organizations and outline what our interface needs are, in addition to other duties assigned.
    2. 2. Content Creation
      We'll audit current content, outline what is needed, and influence the process for content creation, in addition to other duties assigned.
    3. 3. Vendor Management
      We'll collect vendor information, send the RFP, manage the review process, interview vendors and recommend a selection based on the RFP, in addition to other duties assigned.
    4. 4. Market Research: We'll design surveys in conjunction with the content creation and user interface committees to understand our needs, and analyze results. We'll influence outside market research, through the selected vendor, in addition to other duties assigned.
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