September 24, 2021- Agenda & Minutes

Time:  10:00am
Location: Zoom invite sent to committee members. If anyone else would like to attend, please email Jen for details.
Items to be considered on this agenda are due by 9/10/2021

When available, the meeting minutes will be indicated within bold brackets [ ] and are in draft form until they are approved by the committee.

Relevant Links: Undergraduate Council Meeting Minutes/ Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order [10:03 AM]

II. Approval of the August 27, 2021 Meeting Minutes [approved]

III. Announcements/Discussion

  • New Catalog Schedule
    • [Going forward, the catalog is going to published in June, not April. Jennifer is going to send out the catalog non-curricular Word docs to the departments in October as planned, but will not ask for them back until February. Please have course changes in by the March 2022 COSCC and program changes in bythe February 2022 COSCC meeting.]
  • College Requirements for the BA  [Tabled to the October meeting to allow departments more time to review the changes.]
    • Impacted programs:
      • Biology, BA
      • Chemistry, BA
      • Geography, BA
      • Geology, BA
      • Mathematics, BA

IV. Old Business

V. New Business – Undergraduate

New Courses

Modified Courses

Deactivated Courses

VI. New Business – Graduate

New Courses

Modified Courses

Deactivated Courses

New Programs

VII. Adjournment [11:42am]

*= agenda item was added after the announcement