December 2, 2022- Agenda & Minutes

Time:  9:30am
Location: Zoom invite sent to committee members. If anyone else would like to attend, please email Jen for details.
Items to be considered on this agenda are due by 11/18/2022.

When available, the meeting minutes will be indicated within bold brackets [ ] and are in draft form until they are approved by the committee.

Relevant Links: Undergraduate Council Meeting Minutes/ Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

[Attendees: Nathan Burtch, Fernando Camelli, Elisabeth Epstein, Geoff Gilleaudeau, Ramin Hakami, Dale Scott Rothman, Wendy Lewis, Carlos Rautenberg, Dale Scott Rothman, Pritha Roy, Kimberly Rule, Jennifer Bazaz Gettys]

I. Call to Order [9:32am]

II. Approval of the November 18, 2022 Meeting Minutes [Approved]

III. Announcements/Discussion

  • A COSCC Microsoft Team has been created for the COSCC’s members. Please find the “Zombie Courses” spreadsheet under “Files” and provide rationale for your department’s listed undergraduate courses by the end of the fall 2022 semester.
  • Spring 2023 meeting days and times. [Fridays at 9:30am. Jen will post the dates in the COSCC Team.]
  • Various rationales behind crosslisting in your departments.* [The committee provided Jen with their insights and perspectives on crosslisting. This insight will educate the college’s next steps in finding an amenable approach toward the practice.]

IV. Old Business

V. New Business – Undergraduate

New Courses

Modified Course

Inactivated Course

Modified Programs

VI. New Business – Graduate

Modified Programs

VII. Adjournment [10:16am]

*Item added after the agenda was announced.