Faculty Profile: Abul Hussam

Dr. Abul Hussam

email: ahussam@gmu.edu 
office: Planetary Hall 337/402


Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical), University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA. 1982.
M.Sc. Chemistry (Physical-Inorganic) University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1976.
B.Sc. Honours in Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1975.

Scientific/Research Interests

Analytical and Environmental Chemistry: Measurement and mitigation of arsenic in water is the current focus of my research. We are developing analytical techniques for the study of toxic species in the environment. We are particularly interested in the aquatic chemistry of arsenic in groundwater and the development of inexpensive water filters. We have devised simple filters (SONO Filter) to purify groundwater from toxic arsenic species. The innovation was awarded the 2007 National Academy of Engineering – Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability the gold medal and one million dollars. More than 225,000 such filters are in use in Bangladesh and other countries producing more than a billion liters of safe drinking water for the affected people

We are also interested in the non-covalent interactions of organic species with solvents, micelles, dissolved organic matters, macromolecules, and solids by equilibrium headspace gas chromatographic techniques.

Courses Taught/Teaching

  • Quantitative Chemical Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • Principles of Chemical Separation
  • Electroanalytical Chemistry