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Department Seminars

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Seminars – Spring 2019

TIME: Fridays 1:00pm-2:15pm

Fairfax: Innovation 131
SciTech (via teleconference): Bull Run Hall, 258

1/25/19Dr. Dana LashleyChemistry, William & Mary
2/1/19Dr. Jelena Samonina Chemistry & Biochemistry, Washington & Lee University
2/8/19Dr. Ralph E. Taylor-Smith
Managing Director, General Electric Ventures"Tech Innovation thru Private Equity and Venture Capital"
2/15/19Hameed Khan &
Fatima Zaidi
Chemistry & Biochemistry, George Mason UniversityTBA
2/22/19Yuki Yarnall &
Marynet Po
Chemistry & Biochemistry, George Mason UniversityTBA
3/1/19Dr. Andrew GellmanChemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University"Chiral molecules on chiral surfaces: Hand in hand"
3/8/19Dr. Shouzhong ZouChemistry, American UniversityTBA
3/22/19Sean Park &
Grant Daniels
Chemistry & Biochemistry, George Mason UniversityTBA
3/29/19Dr. Robert C HaleVirginia Institute of Marine Sciences, William & MaryTBA
4/5/19Dr. James K FerriChemical & Life Science Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth UniversityTBA
4/12/19Jacklin Yassa &
Elizabeth Lang
Chemistry & Biochemistry, George Mason UniversityTBA
4/19/19Dr. Farrel N. BordenSales Manager, Bio-Rad LaboratoriesTBA
4/26/19Larry Ammann &
Grey Madison
Chemistry & Biochemistry, George Mason UniversityTBA
5/3/19Arion Ross &
Jaclyn Sarna
Chemistry & Biochemistry, George Mason UniversityTBA

Special notes for CHEM 490/790 Students

Seminars will be held at 1:00 pm each Friday. The specific meeting room for each seminar is listed along with the speaker information on Blackboard for students enrolled in CHEM 490/790. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

Changes in the topic, location or date will be announced at the previous seminar and posted in hard copy outside the Chem & Biochem Department office, Planetary Hall room 303, and in Blackboard. All graduate students are expected to attend all seminars, whether registered or not. CHEM 790/490 is an attendance/participation based course. It is your responsibility to sign the attendance sheet.

Seminars are teleconferenced. Attend either campus, Fairfax or Prince William.

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