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Department Seminars

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Seminars – Spring 2018

Seminars will be held at 1:00 pm each Friday. The specific meeting room for each seminar is listed along with the speaker information on Blackboard for students enrolled in CHEM 490/790.

PLEASE BE ON TIME! Changes in the topic, location or date will be announced at the previous seminar and posted in hard copy outside the Chem & Biochem Department office, Planetary Hall room 303, and in Blackboard. All graduate students are expected to attend all seminars, whether registered or not. CHEM 790/490 is an attendance/participation based course. It is your responsibility to sign the attendance sheet.

You must have at least 90% attendance to get A, 80% for B, 70% for C, and <70% for F.

In addition, you must submit a summary page of the seminar you have attended. This should be in your own words demonstrating your interest and understanding. You could use available on the topic. The hard copy summary is due during the next seminar. Students who need to present a seminar as a requirement for the MS or PhD should schedule a date one semester in since the schedule fills quickly.

Seminars are teleconferenced. Attend either campus, Fairfax or Prince William.

LOCATION on campuses:
Fairfax campus, Innovation 131
Prince William campus, Bull Run Hall, 258 (or 254 noted by *)

TIME: Friday 1:00pm-2:15pm

2/2Young-Ok You, Hao Jing/Benoit Van Aken George Mason ChemistryIntroduction, New faculty
Hao Jing/Benoit Van Aken
2/9H. Henry TangGeorge Washington UniversityBesides Thermodynamics, What Other Factors Are Controlling Mineralization and Weathering at Near-Surface Conditions?
2/16Carrie Klein, Jennifer LebronJournal of Mason Graduate ResearchTen Steps to Publication
2/23*Michael MassiahGeorge Washington UniversityCharacterizing the interactions of the B-box E3 ligase with E2 conjugating enzyme: Learning about protein ubiquitination.
3/2TBD (candidate)TBDTBD
3/9Hong YinAlexandria Renew EnterprisesTBD
3/23Jakub KostalGeorge Washington UniversityComputational approaches to designing safer chemicals
3/30Hao JingGeorge Mason ChemistryManipulating Light with Inorganic Nanoparticles
4/6Amarda ShehuGeorge Mason Computer ScienceAll about Energy Landscapes: Generating and Analyzing them to Predict and Characterize Protein Structure, Dynamics, and Function.
4/13Reham Al-Dhelaan, Ph.D. candidate (You)George Mason ChemistryInvestigating the Activity of the Condensation Incompetent Ketosynthase (KS0) Domain in Type I Trans-AT Polyketide Synthase
4/20*Joshi Reva, M.S. candidate (Paige)George Mason ChemistryMolecular Dynamics Simulations on the Interleukin-1 β:Interleukin-1Receptor I:Interleukin-1 Receptor Accessory Protein Ternary Complex
TBD, M.S. candidate (Bishop)
4/27Jacy Esterday, M.S. candidate (Weatherspoon)George Mason ChemistrySurface Evaluations of Two-Component Hybrid Organosilane Coatings with Polar and Non-Polar Liquids
5/4Kyung Hyeon Lee, Ph.D. candidate (Paige)George Mason ChemistryStructural and Kinetic characterizations of the Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase Enzyme
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