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Summer 2019 Schedule

CRNCrseSecCmpCredTitleDaysTimeInstructorDate (MM/DD)Location
40125CHEM 211A01FX3Gen Chem IMTWR10:30 am-12:35 pmMosissa Fayissa (P)05/20-06/22DK 2053
40729CHEM 211A02FX3Gen Chem IMTWR01:30 pm-03:35 pmJohn A Schreifels (P)05/20-06/22BUCHAN D023
40126CHEM 212C01FX3Gen Chem IIMTWR01:30 pm-03:35 pmJohn A Schreifels (P)06/24-07/27PETRSN 1105
40127CHEM 212C02FX3Gen Chem IIMTWR10:30 am-12:35 pmGerald L Weatherspoon (P)06/24-07/27ENGR 1110
41694CHEM 2132A1FX1Gen Chem Lab IMWF09:00 am-11:50 amAnthony Michael (P)05/20-06/22EXPL 3513
42288CHEM 2132A2FX1Gen Chem Lab IMWF09:00 am-11:50 amJacklin Yassa (P)05/20-06/22EXPL 3602
41689CHEM 2132A3FX1Gen Chem Lab IMWF01:30 pm-04:20 pmFatemeh Avazzadehmehryan (P)05/20-06/22EXPL 3602
41706CHEM 2132A4FX1Gen Chem Lab IMWF01:30 pm-04:20 pmSilvia Marcela Auffret Ayala (P)05/20-06/22EXPL 3513
42289CHEM 2142C1FX1Gen Chem Lab IIMWF01:30 pm-04:20 pmHadijatu Mumini Kamara (P)06/24-07/27EXPL 3513
41690CHEM 2142C2FX1Gen Chem Lab IIMWF09:00 am-11:50 amBassam Karbous (P)06/24-07/27EXPL 3513
41687CHEM 2142C3FX1Gen Chem Lab IIMWF09:00 am-11:50 amFanella Zamcho (P)06/24-07/27EXPL 3602
41696CHEM 2142C4FX1Gen Chem Lab IIMWF01:30 pm-04:20 pmJessica Anang (P)06/24-07/27EXPL 3602
40128CHEM 313A01FX3Organic Chem IMTWR10:30 am-12:35 pmTBA05/20-06/22DK 1006
40129CHEM 313A02FX3Organic Chem IMTWR01:30 pm-03:35 pmTBA05/20-06/22DK 1006
40130CHEM 314C01FX3Organic Chem IIMTWR10:30 am-12:35 pmTBA06/24-07/27ENGR 1101
40131CHEM 314C02FX3Organic Chem IIMTWR01:30 pm-03:35 pmTBA06/24-07/27R B201
41691CHEM 3152A1FX2Organic Chem Lab IMWF08:00 am-11:50 amHarold D Cooper (P)05/20-06/22PLANET 407
41692CHEM 3152A2FX2Organic Chem Lab IMWF05:00 pm-08:50 pmDuy V Nguyen (P)05/20-06/22PLANET 407
41693CHEM 3152A3FX2Organic Chem Lab IMWF01:00 pm-04:50 pmCarol Alexander Ajjan (P)05/20-06/22PLANET 407
41697CHEM 3182C1FX2Organic Chem Lab IIMWF08:00 am-11:50 amHarold D Cooper (P)06/24-07/27PLANET 407
41698CHEM 3182C2FX2Organic Chem Lab IIMWF01:00 pm-04:50 pmCarol Alexander Ajjan (P)06/24-07/27PLANET 407
41699CHEM 3182C3FX2Organic Chem Lab IIMWF05:00 pm-08:50 pmAlexis S Patanarut (P)06/24-07/27PLANET 407
42491CHEM 3212B1FX0Lab for Lecture B01TR10:30 am-04:20 pmAndrew John Evangelista (P)06/03-07/27PLANET 408
To register for CRN 41205 you must simultaneously register for one of the following CRNs: 42491
41205CHEM 321B01FX4Quantitative Chem AnalysisMW10:30 am-01:10 pmRita N Egekenze (P)06/03-07/27PLANET 310
42147CHEM 463C01FX4Gen BioChem IMTWRF10:30 am-12:50 pmDeborah A Polayes (P)06/24-07/27R B201
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