CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Shahamat Khan

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Shahamat Khan, resident member of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.  Dr. Khan serves as the editor for two scientific journals that are housed in our department:  (1)  the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A; Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering and (2) the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B; Pesticides, Food Contaminants, & Agricultural Wastes.  In a November 12th email, Dr. Khan received the following status report regarding both journals’ performance (see excerpt below).
“Here are the publishing reports for 2019.  Both JESHA and JESHB are performing extremely well.  Both journals have shown strong article download performance—both journals have already outperformed their 2018 downloads with two months left in the year.  JESHA’s biogas review by Angelo Cecinato performed extremely well with almost 14,000 downloads.  Both are also showing strong Altmetric performances.  Most journals only receive a few tweets per paper when the author announces its publication, but JESHA and JESHB papers are seeing diverse coverage in news articles, social media, policy documents, and patents.  I don’t overvalue Altmetric attention, but I do like using more than just citations to track article performance.”