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Who We Are

The Center for Earth Observing and Space Research (CEOSR) was officially founded in the fall of 1995 within the then Institute of Computational Sciences and Informatics at George Mason University. Today, CEOSR is a thriving interdisciplinary research center in the College of Science and one of the largest research centers at George Mason, with numerous affiliated scientists, graduate students, and a multi-million dollar annual budget.

What We Do

The Center for Earth Observing and Space Research (CEOSR) at George Mason University provides a focus for cutting-edge research related to satellite platforms and remote sensing, including data acquisition and processing, as well as information extraction and analysis, for a variety of application domains such as natural hazards and disaster management, hurricane tracking, and geoinformatics. It is supported by grants and contracts from NASA and other organizations, and has maintained strong ties with several government agencies.

CEOSR supports the mission of science at George Mason, as a working group on Earth and Geoinformation Sciences, including Earth Observing, Remote Sensing and Geospatial Informatics.

How We Do It

The Center for Earth Observing and Space Research is housed in Research Hall, a multi-million dollar facility located within Mason’s main campus in Fairfax, Virginia. In addition to fundamental science, CEOSR provides needed infrastructure to support research projects falling within its focus areas.

More specifically, as part of the College of Science (COS), CEOSR has access to the COS Computing Facility which includes:

  • an Origin 2000 with 16 processors and 4 GB RAM,
  • a 65-node parallel PC cluster, and
  • an SGI Altix supercomputer with 64 Intel Itanium processors and 128 Gbytes of shared memory.

Also, the COS Graduate Computational Laboratory contains a 25-workstation PC cluster with a 5 TB RAID system.

In addition to the facilities readily available at COS, CEOSR has its own laboratories with state-of-the-art software. In total, CEOSR has about 50 servers and desktop computers based on both Linux and Windows operating systems and data storage systems for total about 8TB disk space at this moment. CEOSR also has a HRPT antenna for receiving data from AVHRR and other satellites such as SeaWiFS and Chinese FengYun series and an Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD) field portable, lightweight, 512-channel, photo-diode array spectroradiometer for hyperspectral measurements.

In terms of optical sensors CEOSR possesses various high resolution still (e.g. various Canon and Minolta cameras) and video digital cameras (e.g. SONY DCR), some with GPS Geo-location capabilities, and a network of wireless surveillance video cameras (Trendnet TV-IP200W) with a server used to collect and store their feeds. In addition to these facilities, all CEOSR personnel have, at their disposal, PCs and laptops.

Want to work with CEOSR?

Companies and professional entities should contact Teri Fede at

Graduate students in the affiliated GGS department should contact Debbie Hutton at Interested in becoming a graduate student? Apply now!

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