Symposium on Data Science and Statistics – Beyond Big Data: Leading the Way – Honoring Dr. Edward Wegman


Recently, Dr. Wegman retired from George Mason University after serving for twenty-two years. He joined Mason in 1986 and in 2006 he held a joint appointment with the College of Science (COS) and Engineering. During this time, he was selected as the first Bernard J. Dunn Professor of Information Technology and a recipient of the Mason Distinguished Faculty Award. In 2016, he moved fully to COS and the Department of Computational and Data Sciences in 2016.

On May 16-19, the 2018 Symposium on Data Science and Statistics (SDSS) was held in honor of Dr. Wegman who had done seminal work in many areas within the interface of statistics and computing science—as well as data visualization—and had been a driving force in creating the SDSS and its predecessors.

Suchimista Goswami and Redouane Betrouni, Dr. Wegman’s graduate students, played important roles in this symposium. Ms. Goswami chaired the CS60 Time-based Models and presented the paper she co-authored with Dr. Wegman entitled “Detection of Excessive Activities in Time Series of Graphs Using Scan Statistics.” She also chaired the panel on CS64 – Bioinformatics. Mr. Betrouni chaired the panels on CS66 Business Analytics and CS70 Public Health Applications. He also presented a paper he co-authored with Dr. Wegman, “Systematic Sampling Design with Application to Data Splitting.”