Oral Defense of Doctoral Dissertation – Computational Sciences and Informatics – Almost Regular Graphs and Hamiltonian Cycles – Yang Xu

Notice and Invitation
Oral Defense of Doctoral Dissertation
Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Sciences and Informatics
Department of Computational and Data Sciences
College of Science
George Mason University

Yang Xu
Bachelor of Science, Nanjing Normal University, 2006
Master of Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009

Almost Regular Graphs and Hamiltonian Cycles

Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 3:00 p.m.
Research Hall, Room 92

All are invited to attend.

Edward Wegman, Dissertation Director
Eduardo Lopez
Geir Agnarrson
Joseph Marr

This dissertation is third in a series aimed at seeking a method to optimized computer architectures for robustness and efficiency. HADI graphs were first introduced in Hadi Rezazad’s dissertation and were further examined in Roger Shores’ dissertation. This dissertation explores this particular class of graph structure in details and defines this graph structure in a mathematical way. Hadi Graphs are a subset of almost regular graphs with certain invariants. The bound of edge numbers is presented to ensure the new structure Hamiltonian. Another interesting alternative interconnect graph that is called hypercube is discussed in this dissertation. The main focus is to find how many edges can be removed but still retain the Hamiltonian property.