NFL Combine Data Explorer by Carson Bulgin and William Wautlet

As a final project for Dr. Eagle’s CSI703 class, Carson Bulgin and William Wautlet created an excellent data visualization tool that compares college football players for the NFL draft. Their project allows users to examine relevant statistics between players and presents the data in a clean, well-organized interface through a series of radar charts, histograms, and parallel coordinates charts. Congratulations to Carson and William for a job well done!

To watch a demonstration video and explore the project:

Authors’ release notes, version 0.1:

  • This release is designed for HD (e.g., 1600 x 900) viewing.  Features may be unusable on some tablet/mobile devices.

Known issues:

  • Selecting an OL does not update histograms due to missing stats
  • Long player names are truncated in the parallel coordinates chart in some situations
  • Histograms include zero values

Please report bugs or feedback to