Minor in Computational and Data Sciences

The minor in Computational and Data sciences (CDS) provides an attractive option for students majoring in mathematics, science, or engineering who wish to augment their major degree program with additional courses in scientific computing. The combination of science, numerical methods, computer science, and synthesis courses in computational and data sciences will significantly enhance the practical knowledge and computational skills of the students when compared with the major field alone. In this curriculum, students acquire the knowledge, skills, and techniques commonly used across scientific disciplines, which will allow them to apply their Mason education in a practical way in industrial, government, and academic settings.

For more information, please contact theĀ Undergraduate Coordinator.

Languages Taught in CDS Courses

CDS CourseInstructorComputer Languages Taught/Used
CDS-130Marr, et al.Matlab
CDS-230KinserPython, MySQL, Excel
CDS-251/501SponsellerFortran 95
CDS-301BatarsehHTML, SQL, PowerBI, Tableau
CDS-500ZoltekMatlab, Mathematica; Markup languages: Latex, HTML

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