Joeseph Shaheen and Doug Reitz Doctoral Dissertations Defense

Congratulations to Joseph Shaheen and Doug Reitz for successfully defending their doctoral dissertations on November 26 and 27!

Joe Shaheen’s dissertation entitled “Data Explorations in Firm Dynamics: Firm Birth, Life, & Death Through Age, Wage, Size & Labor” was approved by his committee which consisted of Robert Axtell, Dissertation Committee, and the following committee members – Drs. Eduardo Lopez, John Shortle, William Rand and Marc Smith.”

Doug Reitz’s dissertation, “Atomistic Monte Carlo Simulation and Machine Learning Data Analysis of Eutectic Alkali Metal Alloys,” was approved by Dr. Estela Blaisten, Dissertation Director and the following committee members – Drs. Igor Griva, Dmitri Klimov and Howard Sheng.