RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM ON COMPUTATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE/DATA SCIENCES – AnaMaria Barea – Exploring what is universally possible for life with a wealth of computational methods

September 27, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Karen Underwood

Research Colloquium on Computational Social Science/Data Science

AnaMaria Berea, PhD
Blue Marble Space Institute of Science Research Scientist
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
University of Central Florida

Exploring what is universally possible for life with a wealth of computational methods

Friday, September 27, 3:00 p.m.
Center for Social Complexity Suite, 3rd Floor Research Hall

All are welcome to attend.

In this talk I will discuss the advances made at NASA/SETI Frontier Development Lab AI Research Accelerator with respect to understanding the coevolution of biospheres and atmospheres, from cellular metabolisms to planetary environments. The current challenge presented by the sample of 1 when we consider the evidence of life and living systems in the Universe is overcome by a series of computer simulations and simulated data that give enough potential combinations of stable biospheres to be explored by machine learning algorithms. While we are only scratching the surface now with respect to the promise and perils of constructing well informed simulations and feeding them into more advanced algorithms, this approach will hopefully help identify possible life on observable exoplanets identified in the Kepler and TESS data. Methodologically, we explored Monte Carlo simulations, agent-based models, machine learning and dockerization in a complex data architecture supported by Google, in order to simulate more than 250,000 stable atmospheres, 500 types of synthetic genomes (metabolic networks) and more than 37,700,000 chemical reactions.
Anamaria Berea has a dual PhD in economics (2010) and computational social science (2012). Her research is focused on the emergence of communication in biological and social networks, by applying theories and methods from economics, complex systems and information theory to understand fundamental aspects of communication from cells to societies. Ms. Berea was one of the data scientists part of the NASA/SETI Frontier Development Lab (2017) in the heliophysics team and a data science mentor for the astrobiology team in the following year. She is the author of the book “Emergence of Communication in Socio-Biological Networks”, Springer, 2018. She is currently a Blue Marble Space Institute of Science research scientist and a Visiting Research Assistant Professor with the Complex Adaptive Systems Lab at the University of Central Florida.