Eduardo López co-organized a Symposium on Big Data and Human Development @ Oxford

The topic of Big Data is entering the policy circles in a big way. One of the areas of great promise is International Development. Both traditional and new sources of data are seeing a resurgence in their attempts to tackle new and old problems such as access and delivery of health, better estimation of indicators of development, and the actual collection of more accurate information about populations in locations where traditional survey methods failed in the past.

The September 2016 Symposium on Big Data and Human Development hosted in Oxford was organized by Mark Graham, Sanna Ojanperä, and Christopher Dobyns from Oxford Internet Institute, and Eduardo López from CDS at GMU and Saïd Business School and Green Templeton College Oxford. The symposium was a great success. There were some excellent papers there, and there are now range of follow-up ideas and initiatives that have been spun out of it (including an edited book containing some of the contributions to the meeting).

Videos of the keynotes can be found in the following link, in the blog from   Mark Graham, with talks from Linnet Taylor, Bitange Ndemo, and Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland.