Friday, May 13 – 3:00 pm

Agent-oriented Modeling for Simulation of Asymmetric Threats

Kuldar Taveter
Professor and Chair in Software Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia and currently a Fulbright scholar at the University of South Carolina

Abstract: Agent-oriented modeling is a holistic approach for engineering socio-technical systems. It proposes a set of canonical models that are categorized according to three vertical abstraction layers – analysis, design, and platform-specific design – and three horizontal perspectives: interaction, information, and behavior. In my presentation, I explain how agent-oriented modeling is currently applied to the simulation of asymmetric threats that can arise in urban environments. I introduce two case studies.

The first case study is concerned with the modeling and simulation of asymmetric threats in military operations. The second case study describes how winning “hearts and minds” of people by conflict resolution can be modeled and simulated.