CSI PhD Student Receives Federal Reserve Board’s 2016 Special Achievement Awards

The Federal Reserve Board awarded William Ampeh, Lead Technology Analyst Division of Research and Statistics and Computational Science and Informatics PhD student, the 2016 Special Achievement Award for his leadership on two important efforts related to the R statistical programming language.

William spearheaded the formation of a community to promote the use of R across a diverse group of users at the Board. R is open source and widely used outside the Board, so creating a critical mass of users at the Board will generate significant productivity gains and reduce our reliance on expensive proprietary alternatives. But realizing these gains requires creating a community support model; developing, vetting, and sharing code for common tasks; and encouraging individual sections to rewrite code. William stepped forward and has fostered a thriving community.

In addition, William developed and is teaching a course in R to Howard University students. He gathered interested Research Assistants (RAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) from the economics community at the Board to assist with the design and teaching of this class. This effort deepens our ties to Howard University and its students, and improves the skill sets of the Board’s RAs and TAs who are helping to teach the course.

Congratulations, William!