Computational Social Science

Computational Social Science

Computational Social Science is the interdisciplinary science of complex social systems and their investigation through computational modeling and related techniques.

The aim of the Computational Social Science Program is to provide our students with the relevant tools and skill set to investigate this new and exciting field through our unique degree programs.

Computational Social Science, PhD

The core objective of the program is to train graduate students to be professional computational social scientists in academia, government, or business. The program offers a unique and innovative interdisciplinary academic environment for systematically exploring, discovering, and developing skills to successfully follow careers in one of the areas of computational social science.

Computational Social Science Graduate Certificate

This program is designed for students who seek training in computer simulation and related computational methods for analyzing social systems and processes. The program is open to all students with graduate standing at George Mason University and all students who hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university. The Computational Social Science (CSS) certificate allows students with social science or computational backgrounds to acquire new knowledge and modeling skills to improve their qualifications and attractiveness to employers in government, academia, or industry. The core courses provide a common foundation; additional elective courses allow for a variety of student interests across diverse social domains.

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