Bachelor of Science in Computational and Data Sciences

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“In a world driven by data, university graduates with a solid knowledge base on Data and Computations have a distinct edge in the job market.”

Program Description

The aim of the BS Degree in Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) is to provide students with the technical skills set and knowledge to rigorously investigate social and physical phenomena. This will be achieved in two ways. The first is the systematic development and application of computational techniques for modeling and simulation of scientific phenomena or social processes. The second is the systematic development and application of techniques for mining, managing, and analyzing large sets of data.

This approach is highly interdisciplinary and will lead to understanding, interpretation, and prediction of phenomena that traditional theory or experiment cannot provide alone.

Why CDS?

The educational and research directions pursued in the CDS degree are focused on providing our students with skills to be competitive in neighboring federal laboratories, scientific institutions, and high-technology firms and is a reflection of the present central role of computation in the arenas of “big data”, and modeling and simulation.

Credit requirements

120 credit hours of coursework, including 45 credits in courses numbered 300 or above.


CDS Undergraduate Advisor
Zachary Henderson

Languages Taught in CDS Courses
CDS CourseInstructorComputer Languages Taught/Used
CDS-130Marr, et al.Matlab
CDS-251/501SponsellerFortran 95
CDS-301BatarsehHTML, SQL, PowerBI, Tableau
CSI-500ScottLaTex, Python, R/RStudio, NetLogo

BS Degree Requirements

A. CDS Core Required Courses: 16 credits

B. CDS Required Extended Core: Choose at least 18 credits from the following courses:

C. Mathematics Choose at least 10 credits from the following courses:

D. Statistics: Choose 6 credits from the following courses:

E. Science and Engineering: Choose 6 additional credits of Science or Engineering.

F. Mason Core and Elective Credits (63-64 credits):

In order to meet a minimum of 120 credits, this degree requires an additional 63-64 credits, which may be applied towards any remaining Mason Core requirements, requirements for bachelor’s degrees, and elective courses. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisors to ensure that they fulfill all requirements.

G. CDS Elective Course Suggestions:

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