Faculty Profile: James Glasbrenner

James Glasbrenner

Assistant Professor, Computational and Data Sciences Department
Associate Director, Quantum Materials Center

Primary Research: Computational condensed matter physics (materials science)
Email: jglasbr2@gmu.edu
Office: 253 Research Hall
Phone: (703) 993-4512

I am a computational condensed matter physics (materials science) researcher that investigates the electronic structure of materials using density functional theory. My primary research focuses on modeling the exchange interactions within magnetic materials, with recent work involving the iron-based superconductors, dilute magnetic semiconductors, and metals with noncollinear magnetism.

More recently, I have started working with machine learning algorithms for materials prediction and discovery. Currently, I am interested in searching for new and novel magnetic materials that could be used in computing technologies for the purposes of energy efficiency, heat reduction, and improving information processing.

Selected Publications:

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