Faculty Profile: Edward Wegman

Edward Wegman

Edward Wegman

Bernard J. Dunn Professor

Primary Research: Computational Statistics

Office: 119 Planetary Hall, MSN 6A12 Phone: 703-993-1691

Research Interests

My research interests are broad and wide-ranging. Fundamentally I am a computational statistician with interests in nonparametric inference, data mining and data visualization. Within this general framework, I have specific interests in time series analysis, function and curve estimation including splines, and inference under order restrictions. My interest in data mining includes interest in methods for streaming data and massive data sets. I have been recently pursuing work in social networks and text mining. Specific applications that interest me are modeling acute effects of alcohol use from a public policy perspective, intrusion detection into computer systems, and statistical methods used in climate studies.

Teaching Interests


  • Ph.D. 1968 – Dissertation, On Estimating a Unimodal Density under the direction of Professor Tim Robertson
  • M.S. 1967 – Mathematical Statistics
  • B.S. 1965 – Entered the University of Iowa (USA), Department of Statistics with NDEA Fellowship

Recent Publications:

1. Karen Kafadar and Edward J. Wegman, “Visualizing ‘typical’ and ‘exotic’ Internet traffic data,” Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 50(12), 3721-3743, 2006

2. Yasmin H. Said and Edward J. Wegman, “Geospatial distribution of alcohol-related violence in Northern Virginia,” in COMPSTAT 2006, (Alfredo Rizzi and Maurizio Vichi, eds.), 197-208, 2006

3. Alan H. Dorfman, Janice Lent, Sylvia G. Leaver and Edward Wegman, “On sample survey designs for consumer price indexes,” Survey Methodology, 32(2), 197-216, 2006

4. Yasmin H. Said, Edward J. Wegman, Walid K. Sharabati, John T. Rigsby, “Style of author-coauthor social networks,” Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 52, 2177-2184, 2007; doi:10.1016/j.csda.2007.07.021

5. Yasmin H. Said and Edward J. Wegman, “Quantitative assessments of alcohol-related outcomes,” Chance, 20(3), 17-25, 2007

6. Edward J. Wegman and Wendy Martinez, “A conversation with Dorothy Gilford,” Statistical Science, 22(2), 291-300, 2007

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