Academic Programs

All of the graduate programs offer flexible learning environments for those seeking to extend their undergraduate education. Classes are generally scheduled in the late afternoon or early evening to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals.

Computational and Data Sciences

This section of the department administers the following programs:

Computational Sciences and Informatics PhD

This program provides many exciting opportunities for students to conduct cutting-edge research in interdisciplinary fields that combine fundamental scientific concepts with advanced computational techniques and algorithms. Learn More

Computational Science MS

This addresses the growing national and regional demand for trained computational scientists by combining a solid foundation in information technology skills with computational courses in a variety of scientific areas. Learn More

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

This program affords students an opportunity to improve their basic computational skills and is designed primarily for technical professionals. Learn More

Bachelor’s Degree in Computational and Data Sciences

The bachelor’s degree provides students with the necessary skill set and knowledge to rigorously investigate social and physical phenomena through methods of modeling and simulation and techniques for mining, managing, and analyzing large sets of data. Learn More

Computational and Data Sciences, BS/Accelerated Computational Science, MS

The bachelor’s/accelerated master’s degree program enables enthusiastic, highly qualified, undergraduates to obtain the Computational and Data Sciences, BS and the Computational Science, MS within the accelerated timeframe of 5 years. Learn More

Minor in Computational and Data Sciences

The minor provides an attractive option for students majoring in mathematics, science, or engineering who wish to augment their major degree program with additional courses in scientific computing. Learn More

CSI/CDS Graduate Coordinator

Eduardo Lopez



CDS Undergraduate Coordinator

Zac Henderson


Computational Social Sciences

Computational Social Science is the interdisciplinary science of complex social systems and their investigation through computational modeling and related techniques.

The aim of the Computational Social Science program is to provide our students with the relevant tools and skill set to investigate this new and exciting field through our unique degree programs.

The Computational Social Sciences section of the department administers the following programs:

Computational Social Science PhD program

This program is a more advanced option that is designed to train graduate students to be professional computational social scientists in academia, government, and/or business. Learn More

MAIS CSS Concentration

This concentration augments those in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. The intractability of many social problems calls for the new approaches provided by computational social science. Learn More

Graduate Certificate in Computational Social Science

This program is designed for students who seek training in computer simulation and related computational methods for analyzing social systems and processes. Learn More

CSS Graduate Coordinator
Andrew Crooks



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