COLLOQUIUM ON COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES AND INFORMATICS – Metrorail and Metrobus, Data Sources and Information Needs – Eichler

February 12, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm
Exploratory Hall
Room 3301
Matthias Renz


Michael Eichler
Strategic Planning Advisor
Metro Office of Planning
Metrorail and Metrobus, Data Sources and Information Needs
Monday, February 12,  4:30-5:45
Exploratory Hall, Room 3301
Abstract:  Modernization of nearly all the technology that underlies the provision of rail and bus transit service over the past 30 years has resulted in a vast amount of data that until recently has been more or less neglected.  Meanwhile, challenges that face rail and bus transit systems continue to mount, from maintaining a state of good repair to capturing and keeping riders in the age of Uber/Lyft and bike share.  The key to providing safe, convenient, affordable, and reliable transit service into the next century lies in the hands of data scientists and policy analysts.  This talk will review the different data-generating technologies and the types of data they create, followed by an exploration of the pressing issues faced by transit agencies and the questions begging for answers. 
Bio:    Michael currently serves as Strategic Planning Advisor at WMATA in the Office of Planning’s Applied Planning Intelligence unit, where he focuses on transforming data into information to help inform policy and planning decisions.  He currently focuses on fare policy, crowding, GTFS data and online tools, and customer-focused performance metrics.  Before joining WMATA in 2010, he worked for Oracle Corporation, an IT start-up, and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.   He holds a BS in Systems Analysis and Engineering from The George Washington University, and masters in City and Regional Planning and Transportation Engineering from UC Berkeley.