Science News Roundup: May 2017

Here is the science news, relating to George Mason University and the College of Science for the month of May 2017: 

Barney Bishop and Monique van Hoek look to Komodo dragons to fight infection

May 18: Barney Bishop leads Komodo dragon blood-killing superbug research via Bloomberg.

May 1: “We have more of a firehose problem: we had so many peptides that seemed promising and potentially active that we’d have to sort through.” Monique van Hoek 

Mason researchers develop new Lyme disease detection technology

May 9: Lyme disease detection using nanotechnology created by Mason researchers.

May 2: Felicia Moreno explains what got her through the fight with Lyme disease.

Daniel Tong explains the negative effects of a drying Southwest

May 15: Warmer oceans might be nice on the coasts in the summer. But what about in the Midwest?

May 10: Dust storms and Valley fever on the rise, but why? Daniel Tong explains via a Forbes article.

Stephanie Mui, 17, earns master’s degree before graduating high school  

May 22: “I didn’t try to hide it, I just never brought it up. But if people ask, I tell them.”

May 19: ‘Tis the season for high school graduations, but for Stephanie Mui, graduating is nothing new.

May 18: It all started in preschool. Then, in first grade, algebra.

May 24
Mason joins state on advanced medical research center 
Scientists at Mason join research efforts at $20M Virginia advanced medical research center via Richmond Times-Dispatch.

May 17
Thomas Lovejoy applauds book, “Drones for Conservation”
Drones are used for a lot of things, like taking cool videos, shipping a package, and…saving the environment?

May 12
Mark D. Uhen comments on the fossil discovery of the oldest-known baleen whale in Peru
It’s large, old (36.4M years to be exact), and answers questions about the origin of whales. What is it?

May 11
Timothy DelSole comments on advances in weather forecasting 
Good news, your weather app might get a little more accurate.

May 9
Mary Ellen O’Toole comments on arrest in Phoenix serial street shooter case
“…dry spells go on for years, but people shouldn’t mistake that for cases being dormant.”

May 9
A Mason atlas reveals Africa’s energy and investment potentials
Atlases are used for maps, right? In this case it was used to reveal a little more than geography in Africa.

May 4
David Luther comments on noise pollution in US parks
Noise pollution can be bothersome, and for some, it may even cause them to complain that it diminishes wildlife experience.

May 3
Students collaborate in Occoquan River clean-up effort
Mason students are among the 225 volunteers that helped in an effort to clean up the Occoquan River.

May 3
Mary O’Toole says 10-year-old case is solvable
In a Fox News article, Mary O’Toole gives her input on solving the case of a missing child.

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