Sciences News Roundup: December 2016

Here is the science news, relating to George Mason University and the College of Science for the month of December 2016: 

December 15
ESP professor Thomas Lovejoy comments on how roads impact the environment
In a Washington Post article, Lovejoy expresses concern over vast global road development.

ESP professor Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers discusses REDD+ initiative
Visseren-Hamakers says the initiative needs to combine biodiversity and climate change in dicussions.

December 14
PEREC/ESP’s Christian Jones says Alexandria’s algae-producing stormwater could cause health issues
In a Connection Newspapers article, Jones says the algae is more likely to cause harm in small bodies of water, like creeks.

December 7
Michael Summers shares update on the NASA New Horizon mission
In an article with Connection Newspapers, Summers says NASA scientists anticipated Pluto to resemble Earth’s moon, but were surprised to see its water and energy resources.

December 2
Thomas Lovejoy discusses impact of Brazilian Amazon deforestation increase
In a Washington Post article, Lovejoy noted road closures, caused by the nearly 8,000km of deforestation between August 2015-July 2016.

News we’ve missed from the last month or more

November 28
Thomas Lovejoy questions the Forest Service’s decision to cut the nation’s oldest trees
Lovejoy shares his concern about Tongass tree clear-cutting in an op-ed.


Student Accolades

December 5
ESP student gets epiphany on climate change
In a letter to the Fairfax Times editor, Caitlin Miller shared her newfound views sparked by a Mason climate change forum.

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