Alumni Profile: David Amarasinghe, BS Mathematics ’08

Alum David Amarasinghe shares fond memories of life as a Mason student in our latest Alumni Profile.

Photo courtesy of David Amarasinghe.

Photo courtesy of David Amarasinghe.

Name: David Amarasinghe

Mason Degree: BS, Mathematics 2008

Occupation: Kaplan MCAT instructor

I chose Mason for my Bachelor’s because…two of my older sisters graduated from Mason with majors in Foreign Language. I also loved visiting the area growing up and was really impressed by what had changed when I came to visit for orientation.

My favorite Mason memory is…dorm life. Most of us still stay in touch. The community we made in our dorms is a huge part of my interest in becoming a member of the COS alumni chapter.

Professionally, I’m most proud of…my students’ success and the historical and anecdotal connections I have drawn across the sciences for my students. Their expressions of comprehension (and sometimes wonder) are incredibly satisfying.

I advise current students to…maintain contact with classmates, stay involved in college-related groups like the COS alumni chapter, and join online groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. Participate instead of being a wallflower. It can be very difficult to rebuild those connections if you lose contact.

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What is your favorite Mason memory?
Honestly, dorm life holds my favorite memories. I entered the dorm when I transferred to Mason. In my second semester, I got a room on the first floor of Brunswick in the University Commons. My roommate and I introduced ourselves to each of our new floormates. The dorm housed 26 students; 17 of them remained on our floor for the next 2 years.

As a member of the COS Alumni Chapter, how do you stay involved with current students?
The chapter is involved in several events open to current students, usually during the week. As I live in Virginia Beach, it is difficult for me to attend most of these events. I generally attend our weekend meetings and events. So far those have not involved current students. I look forward to working with current students at future events.

What’s an interesting fact about you?
I reconnected with Mason during a STEM talk. I have since been very interested in educational connections between disciplines, reaching further to include history and etymology as well. I have incorporated this into several lectures and the results have been very promising.