Student Workers Increase COS Marketing and Communications Productivity

This fall, the College’s Marketing and Communications projects have been augmented by four interns who will help increase the visibility of the programs, faculty, students, alumni and research in the college through written, video and graphic communication. These talented students will interview faculty, alumni and students, as well as produce major marketing pieces for academic recruitment.

Brekhnaa Gull is the Student Sentiment Analysis Researcher for the marketing and communication team at the College of Science. She is a third-year biology major at Mason and is from Loudoun, Va. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, listening to music and writing about herself in the third person. After graduating in 2017, she hopes to travel and continue her education. She hopes to use her position on this team as a pathway of communication between the college and the students.

Keosha Quigley hails from Washington, D.C. and is currently the written marketing and communication assistant for the College of Science Dean’s Administrative Office. She is a Mason senior and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in communication, in addition to concentrating in media production and minoring in journalism. After graduating in May 2016, Keosha would like to market and promote nonprofit organizations that support the education of low-income youth in D.C. In her spare time, Keosha enjoys creative expression through music production and songwriting; she is also moderately interested in Illuminati YouTube videos. Keosha is excited to be a member of the Marketing and Communications team because of the vast growth opportunities. She hopes to use news articles and copywriting to increase the College of Science’s recognition and to show the world what Mason has to offer.

Calil Davis is a senior theater major from Richmond, Virginia. Upon graduation in May 2016, Calil plans to relocate to Los Angeles, California where he will pursue a career as an actor on television and in films. When he is not working, Calil enjoys listening to music and filming content for his YouTube channel where he advises on Men’s Style. He is also the founder of a clothing line entitled Candid Republic. As a Marketing and Communications Assistant with the College of Science, Calil looks forward to using his knowledge of social media marketing and video production to engage with students, faculty, and alumni. He plans to create a comprehensive social media strategy that will highlight the work being done in the college and will attract generous donors, innovative new faculty, and prospective students.

Charlis Foster is a senior Art and Visual Technology major, pursuing her BFA in graphic design. In addition to working as the designer for the Marketing and Communications team, she is also a tutor for the School of Art and President of Mason’s AIGA student chapter. Her graphic design super powers revolve around typography, with her professors agreeing that she has the ability to select just the right typeface for any project. Her passion for typography has led to a collection of over fifty thousand unique typefaces, as well as a love for hand lettering. After graduation, Charlis hopes to work in advertising or publications.